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Our radiologists have over forty years of combined experience assisting patients and interpreting MRI results.

Are You Claustrophobic?

We have gone out of our way to relive your anxiety. With our new entertainment glasses an MRI is now easier than ever!

Patients Without Insurance

Want to pay with cash for your MRI? No Problem! We have fixed rate cash payment plans available to patients without health insurance.

About Us

L.A. MRI is the premiere patient choice for MRI imaging in Los Angeles and Southern California. L.A. MRI imaging gives doctors the tools and images they need to strengthen the health of their patients. L.A. MRI helps communities grow stronger by maximizing healthy outcomes.

Our patients recognize the L.A. MRI difference. Our friendly, energetic, and supportive, staff and technicians will walk with you during every step of your MRI examination process. L.A. MRI accepts almost all health insurance and will never turn away a patient.

Signa 1.0T by GE

The Signa closed high-field 1.0T traditional MRI machine manufactured by General Electric is one of the most powerful resonance imaging machines available. It has greater magnetic fields that deliver images in the best resolution possible. With the Signa 1.0T MRI examinations have never been more comfortable or quicker to complete.

Our team of board certified radiologists have decades of experience interpreting MRI images and will collaborate with your doctor to determine your results and possible treatment plan. Through the detailed view that an MRI will provide, the causes of present symptoms are easier to find.

At L.A. MRI we guarantee our patients a positive and relaxing MRI examination.

Your will be glad that you scheduled your MRI with us!